Round 1 Smokin’ Rollers Sydney 2016

Round 1 of our brand-spanking new national series

Yep, our little roller racing comp is all grown up and hitting the road, kicking off in Sydney on Oct 15 at The Standard Bowl.

That’s not all that is changing. We’re bringing a fancy new setup, more ways to race and putting some rather tasty cash prizes up for grabs. Plus, since it is part of our unofficial national series (UCI, WADA, etc. won’t return our calls), you’ll accumulate points towards a dubious national ranking!

If you think you have Australia’s fastest legs - we want hear from you. Racing slots are limited so register via the link below with much haste.

Of course, you don't have to race - it's just as much fun (possibly more so) to come along, grab a beer and cheer on your favourite racers like a rabid loon. There will be pageantry (i.e. costumes), revelry, DJs, 10-pin bowling, pinball and much, much more.

You can find out all about the racing here or get more event info in our FAQs. For maximum excitement, check out some recent photos to get you all tingly.

“I have one speed, I have one gear: go!”

- Charlie 'The Piston' Sheen, RRI All-Star

How the racing works

For this event we will be running an old-school, head-to-head racing tournament, featuring 2-person heats (as many as we can squeeze in), followed by a knock-out finals series for the top (fastest) men and women from the heats. This leads to the grande finalé (male and female) where our first champions will be crowned.

You can race as many times in the heats as you like (provided there are sufficient slots - all participants will be given the opportunity to post a time before you will be allowed to get back on again). The goal is to post your fastest time, giving you the best possible chance of qualifying through to the finals.

Elite athleticism not your thing (a little athletist, are we?) - well, just race for the hell of it. Challenge your friends, partners, family members, co-workers, sworn frenemies or even a total stranger to a dual on the rollers – we promise you'll have a blast. You might even discover your inner champion - it wouldn't be the first time our next RRI prodigy was plucked from relative, and boozy, obscurity.

As with all Roller Racing International-sanctioned events, house rules apply. Snarling and taunting are tolerated, so long as there is a whiff of charm or wit, and a loose assumption of sportsmanship. All officials’ decisions are final, unless you buy them a beer. You should also consider wearing a costume, it might earn you a sweet prize.

Racing schedule

6:00pmDoors open. Final registrations/qualifying (pending availability), or sneak in some last minute training on the rollers.

7:00pmThe racing starts with open heats. Race to register your fastest time (male and female).


8:00pmOpen heats. Race to register your fastest time (male and female).


9:00pmFinals, culminating in presentations.

10:30pmDance-floor mayhem.

Reckon you can beat these guys?
Shahrzad Shahnia


Part of The Spokes People family, Shaz has the inside knowledge and feel for the rollers. A knowledge she will use against you.



Blake Bentley


Lean mean vegan machine. Will break diet rules in order the eat Summers alive.

Alexander W Summers


Drop watts not bombs. Or neither. I hope Blake doesn't beat me.

Francesco Piazzoni


Loyal to the cause, Fran has been there since the beginning. Simmering in the background, ready to snag the win.

Kanae Matsumoto


When I race I imagine chasing a stranger who kidnaped my sausage dog. She've never been kidnapped by the way.



Lizanne Wilmot


Probably the strongest female competitor in the Sydney roller racing scene. Here to destroy her competition.



Bob Barrett


Probably going to be on acid, just living the stuffed puppet lifestyle... but he'll give it a shot.

Ben Hatten


Bmx bandit straight out of Mudgeeraba




What the heck is roller racing? – Roller racing is part sport, part carnival on wheels. In a nutshell, you get on a stationary (locked fork) bike and race an opponent to determine a winner. But what it's really all about is having fun.

Can anyone have a go? – Absolutely! The bikes are super adjustable and can cater for almost anyone (over 18). Whether you're a seasoned pro - or have never ridden a bike before - you're guaranteed to have a ball.

Can I race my friends? – Absolutely. When you register nominate the victim, em, friend you want to race. From there, though, your journey through the tournament lies in the hands of fate.

Is there anything I need to bring? – No - just yourself. You can race in whatever you like (we run toe straps - so no cycling shoes required), however costumes are highly recommended.

What else is going on? – The bar will be open, the DJ will be spinning, plus there is bowling, pinball machines, pool tables and much more. So, even if you're not into the racing, bring your dancing shoes and come cheer for your favourite riders.

The Standard Bowl

Level 3, 383 Bourke St, Surry Hills

Situated in Taylor Square, this is the spiritual home of Roller Racing. The 'Bowl is just up the stairs from Kinsellas, Middle Bar and the mighty Johnny Wong's Dumpling Bar - fuelling RRI champions since 2010. Learn more.

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