Smokin’ Rollers Sydney 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines

Roller Racing returns to Sydney for a night of hot racing, cold beers and good times.

Roller Racing International proudly presents our latest instalment of Roller Racing mayhem - Smokin' Rollers. Spanning Sydney and Melbourne, we're searching for Australia's fastest legs, and, as always, we plan on bringing the party.

We'll be lighting up The Standard Bowl in Surry Hills with DJs, 10-pin bowling, pinball, smokin' roller racing, and more. For those who want to race - spots will be limited, so get in quick (you can pre-register below), or grab a spot on the night.

Of course, you don't have to race - it's just as much fun to come along, grab a beer and cheer on your favourite racers. Whatever you do, just don't miss it - it's sure to be one of the highlights on your cycling calendar.

You can find out more here or in our FAQs. Or, skip straight to the event photos.

“Cover yourself in glory, son!”

Johnny 'Juice' Kaputski (Roller Racing Legend)

Race Results
Place The Guys Distance Fastest Time
Ben 'Sefa' Hatten 500m 22.765
Tom 'Tommy 2 Wheelz' Boorman 500m 24.267
Flynn 'McLovin' Douglas 250m 11.103
4 Toby Dind 250m 11.583
5 Bob 'Bobbiedazzler' Barrett 250m 11.188
6 Alexander 'Fletch' Fletcher 250m 11.479
7 Tim 'T-Mobile' Walkington 250m 11.546
8 Matthew 'Mattman' Ryan 250m 11.851
9 James 'Jimbob' Abbott 250m 12.031
10 Sam 'Dark Horse' Devlin 250m 12.051
11 Matt Hale 250m 12.192
12 Johnny 'The Law' Law 250m 12.231
13 Rodrigo 'The Fat Courier' Notaro 250m 12.238
14 Sean 'Pimp From Cani Pazzi' 250m 12.249
15 Nick 'zebosch' Both 250m 12.313
16 Niall 'Nidge' Durney 250m 12.326
17 Dan 'Speedy' Campbell-Williams 250m 12.340
18 Francesco 'Fran' Piazzoni 250m 12.403
19 Bo 250m 12.680
20 Reubert 'T-Dog' Tandog 250m 12.706
21 Uldis 'The Zebra' Clarson 250m 12.742
22 Bradley 'Freeride' Hawkins 250m 13.308
23 Ben 'Hughesy' Hughes 250m 13.334
24 Blake 'Bok Choy' Bentley 250m 13.543
25 Tim 'Stinger' 250m 13.900
26 Kyle 'K-Rob' Robson 250m 14.650
27 Ben 'Killer' 250m 15.202
28 Andrew 'Dirty Beggers' Begley 250m 15.475
29 'McMuffin' 250m chug 'n charge 19.250
30 'Sausage' 250m chug 'n charge 23.249
Place The Gals Distance Fastest Time
Kanae Matsumoto 500m 27.988
Lorett 'ze German' Foth 500m 30.187
Shaz Shahnia 250m 13.720
4 Maddy 'Mad Dog' van Ewyk 250m 13.787
5 Ingvild 'Scandi' Tangen 250m 13.985
6 Sheyleigh 'Sheydizzle' Walsh 250m 14.182
7 Christine 'Rayzor' Ray 250m 14.400
8 Yulia 'Smiley' Tkachenko 250m 14.667
9 Lyndsey 'The Has Been' Glazier 250m 14.786
10 Gemma 'Cockney Gal' Freeman 250m 15.849
11 Sahar 'Vixey V' Khalili 250m 16.440
12 Melissa 'Mel' 250m 24.304
13 'Ren' 250m chug 'n charge 37.389
14 'Stimpy' 250m chug 'n charge 50.889

How the racing works

You will be one of the first to experience our new roller racing app, which opens up a world of exciting new racing possibilities.

For this event, though, we will be keeping things old school, with head-to-head roller racing action over 250m (500m for select finals).

Head-to-head racing features a number of 2-person heats (as many as we can squeeze in), culminating in a finals series for the top (fastest) men and women. Finals follow a knockout format, leading to the grande finalé for all the chocolates.

But it’s not just about the finals – you can just race for the hell of it. Challenge your friends, partners, family members, co-workers, sworn frenemies or even a total stranger to a dual on the rollers – we promise you it’s the most fun you can have on two wheels!

As with all Roller Racing International-sanctioned events, house rules apply. Snarling and taunting are tolerated, so long as there is a whiff of charm and wit, and a loose assumption of sportsmanship. All officials’ decisions are final, unless you buy them a beer. You should also consider wearing a costume, so the talent scouts can easily spot you…

Racing schedule

6:00pmDoors open. Final registrations/qualifying (pending availability), or sneak in some last minute training on the rollers.

7:00pmThe racing starts with open heats. Race to register your fastest time.


8:30pmOpen heats. Race to register your fastest time.


10:00pmFinals knockout. The top male & female riders race for a spot in the grande finalé.

10:45pmMale & Female grand finalé, plus presentations.

11:00pmHit the dance-floor, show us your moves.


What the heck is roller racing? – Roller racing is part sport, part carnival on wheels. In a nutshell, you get on a stationary (locked fork) bike and race an opponent to determine a winner. But what it’s really all about is having fun.

Can anyone have a go? – Absolutely! The bikes are super adjustable and can cater for almost anyone (over 18). Whether you’re a seasoned pro – or have never ridden a bike before – you’re guaranteed to have a ball.

Can I race my friends? – Absolutely. When you register nominate the victim, em, friend you want to race. From there, though, your journey through the tournament lies in the hands of fate.

Is there anything I need to bring? – No – just yourself. You can race in whatever you like (we run toe straps – so no cycling shoes required), costumes highly recommended!

The Standard Bowl

Level 3, 383 Bourke St, Surry Hills

Situated in Taylor Square, this is the spiritual home of Roller Racing. The 'Bowl is just up the stairs from Kinsellas, Middle Bar and the mighty Johnny Wong's Dumpling Bar - fuelling RRI champions since 2010.

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