Tour de Rollers Sydney 2015

Roller racing, le Tour and (non-French) beer

Tour de Rollers returns to RCCSYD, celebrating le Tour in style.

Well over 100 people crammed into Rapha Cycle Club Sydney to watch 32 brave guys and gals channel their inner sprinter and race for glory. After the dust settled it was first-timer Marc Sundstrom taking the chocolates in the guys division, while serial winner Lizanne Wilmot showed the other girls how it's done.

However, it wasn't all blistering racing action. In between heats the beers flowed and French-inspired cheese boards and snacks were heartily enjoyed. Then, after the racing was done, the large crowd stayed back to enjoy a cracking 20th stage of le Tour, screaming 'Allez! Allez!' at the TV screens as Quintana threatened to upstage Team Sky's best-made plans on a classic Alpe d'Huez hilltop finish.

You can find out more here or in our FAQs. Or, skip straight to the event photos.

“It's only 250m, 11 seconds of agony...”

- Some Guy

Race Results
Place The Guys Distance Fastest Time
Marc 500m 24.045
Simon 500m 25.100
Ben Works 250m 11.319
4 Alex 250m 11.500
5 Bart 250m 11.790
6 Shaun 250m 11.257
7 Speedy 250m 11.900
8 Max 250m 11.783
9 Dan W 250m 11.907
10 Azbot 250m 12.092
11 Robin 250m 12.181
12 Pauly 250m 12.340
13 Paddy 250m 12.382
14 Rod 250m 12.529
15 Campbell 250m 12.531
16 Jack 250m 12.656
17 Trent 250m 12.852
18 Trav 250m 13.049
19 Andrew 250m 13.501
20 Shauno 250m 13.645
21 Mike 250m 13.738
22 Joseph 250m 13.919
23 Hiro 250m 14.313
24 Anthony Tan 250m 14.837
Place The Gals Distance Fastest Time
Lizanne 250m 12.444
Shaz 500m 13.310
Klara 250m 14.607
4 Dora 250m 14.934
5 Gina 250m 13.649
6 Maddy 250m 14.096
7 Korina 250m 14.657
8 Sarah 250m 16.702

How the racing works

You will be the first to experience our new roller racing app, which opens up a world of exciting new racing possibilities.

For this event we will be offering head-to-race racing, as well as team racing (new).

Head-to-head racing will feature a number of heats, culminating in a finals series for the top 8 men and women. The finals will follow a knockout format, leading to our grande finalé with prizes up for grabs.

There will also be a concurrent teams competition for groups of 4 who want to team up to win. You can form teams around your Club, riding mates, or a bunch of ring-ins to stack your deck. You still race solo, with each team member’s fastest time across the event added to the team total. The team with the lowest (fastest) total time will be crowned the winner.

Racing schedule

6:00pmDoors open.

7:00pmOpen heats. Race as often as you’d like to register your quickest time.

8:30pmFinals knockout. The top 8 male & female riders race for a spot in the grande finalé.

9:00pmMale & Female grand finalé, plus presentations.

9:30pmRelax with a few beers, cheese & stage 20 of Le Tour (hilltop finish on Alpe d’Huez).


What the heck is roller racing? – Roller racing is part sport, part carnival on wheels. In a nutshell, you get on a stationary (locked fork) bike and race an opponent to determine a winner. But what it’s really all about is having fun.

Can anyone have a go? – Absolutely! The bikes are super adjustable and can cater for almost anyone (over 18). Whether you’re a seasoned pro – or have never ridden a bike before – you’re guaranteed to have a ball.

Can I race my friends? – Absolutely. When you register nominate the victim, em, friend you want to race. From there, though, your journey through the tournament lies in the hands of fate.

Is there anything I need to bring? – No – just yourself. You can race in whatever you like (we run toe straps – so no cycling shoes required), costumes highly recommended!

Rapha Cycle Club Sydney

4/410 Crown St, Surry Hills

Limited nearby parking. Easy access by public transport or bike.

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