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Looking for your next show-stopping event - one that will get people talking? Here it is. Roller Racing International (RRI) is a bicycle racing activation where participants, or teams, compete against each other on stationary bikes in short cycling sprints (called roller races) - and then party the night away.

Here are 4 simple steps to your best event yet:

Pick a date and venue

RRI can be customised to fit almost any location, Australia wide.

Inject the fun

Our team will help you create the perfect format for your event.

Spread the word

Share your custom RRI page with your audience.

Sit back and relax

We take care of the rest.

Your best event yet

RRI is perfect for festivals, end-of-year events, promotional launch parties, sporting activations, fundraisers and more. Why? Because it engages on every level. Participants and spectators get to experience the drama and suspense of adrenalin-fueled competition, balanced out with a mind-blowing audio-visual interface and rock concert-like party vibe. It truly does have a little bit of everything to get the dopamine flowing - and get people talking.

Next-level interaction

Our app controls all the racing action, and is integrated with the visual & lighting systems to create a pro sports-level production. Riders feel like elite athletes as they take the stage to intro music, custom visuals and a roaring crowd, while the audience is kept engaged with live leaderboards and entertainment. We also have options for live feeds, action replays, external feeds, and more. You’ll feel like there is a TV crew covering your event!

Ready to get rolling with your next great event?

Want to know more about RRI?

You can learn more about RRI and the team here, or in our FAQs. Otherwise, contact us - we’d be only too happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Roller Racing International - where bicycle racing meets roaring fans, rocking bands, DJs, and, perhaps most importantly, a well-stocked bar.




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