Round 1 Smokin’ Rollers Sydney 2016 Event Report

Event Summary

  15th October 2016     
  Standard Bowl, Sydney

National Series Round 1 - Sydney

The first round of our new roller racing national series, Smokin' Rollers, was also in our backyard. Thankfully a few of our mates showed up and we managed to pack the Standard Bowl in Surry Hills. You can relive all the action below, or click here to see the full results. Think you can go faster? Check out our upcoming events for your opportunity to show us all how it's done.

The Heats

Heats are all about strategy. You want to save energy for finals, but you still need to qualify. The higher you qualify, the easier your path should be. So should you go hard, or cruise through (hoping others will do the same)? Do you play a bit of cat-and-mouse and limp over the line into finals, before exploding when it counts? Or do you make a statement with a blisteringly fast heat - and plant a seed of doubt inside the other competitor's heads? Dilemma, thy name is roller racing.

Women's Finals

With the heats done and won, the fastest 8 ladies progressed to the finals. Lizanne was looking strong, but mortal (on account of a broken shoulder), while 2015 winner Kanae looked to have plenty still in the tank. Pep and Shaz are always there or thereabouts - meaning this one would go right down to the wire. What followed was some of the fiercest female roller racing we've ever seen, with a number of the ladies posting faster times than the top-20 guys.

Men's Finals

In contrast to the ladies, the men's finals were a wide open field, with a number of unknown quantities staking their claim. 2015 winner Sefa looked sharp, while Bon Soy and Bobby Dazzla were turning back the clock with some smoking hot times. Then there were some speedy newcomers in G-Banger and DLake (who posted a scorching time and then promptly disappeared). It threw what might otherwise have been best laid plans into chaos as each finalist now had to watch their back from all sides, not knowing where the next surprise would come from.

Photos by Esjay and Blake Bentley.
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